Monday, November 10, 2014

Seeking Regional and Businessan Orchestrators!

Seeking Regional and Business Orchestrators

If you have
  • an entrepreneurial mindset
  • are a natural leader 
  • have a keen understanding of the challenges businesses and the workforce face in today's rapidly evolving economic environment
  • and you understand that the old business models and organizational systems are not suited to flourish in that environment 
Glia, the Social Business Ecosystem may be the ideal opportunity for you.

If the thought of becoming a key player of a team building a global organization is what inspires you, and you have what it takes to orchestrate value in an ecosystem of businesses and free agent talent, I am looking for those remarkable people who want to fulfill their true potential, and go beyond the ordinary. 

This is what I am looking for in these key, leadership positions:

--understand what business ecosystems are
--basic understanding of the Exponential Organization
--proven ability, or remarkable potential at building on ideas
--well rounded, well read on business and society
--broad understanding of technology, business, environment and social issues
--a creative synthesizer
--good at networking
--excellent social media presence. 
--brings out the best in people
--infectious energy, a curious mind

Creating The Future

Successful candidates will become key players in building the team that continually bring in the talent and businesses into the Glia Ecosystem, along with the necessary resources to make Glia a world leader in Social Business Ecosystems. This starts with seeding a small, select set of cities, creating a networked culture that will grow into a global, networked organization. 
As a team, we're driven by the purpose of providing the leadership the world needs right now, and the ability of a networked organization that can create value in addressing the smallest, and biggest challenges facing business and society today. 
This is a ground floor opportunity to get in at the beginning of leading in creating the future of how we organize people and business. 


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