Thursday, December 10, 2015

Orchestrating and Leading the Future of Regional Auto Transportation

The Future is Auto Transportation Ecosystem Solutions

The Glia Transportation Revolution

Our Mission

To design, develop, and deliver the solutions and experiences of the future of regional auto transportation.

Our Vision

As a society, we are at a turning point for our future. We believe it is crucial for the health and vitality of our cities--humanity's greatest creation!--that we move beyond the constraints of the 20th century economic models and means of production in order to create and develop a new era of distributed  wealth and prosperity.
As Glia,. our collective purpose is to be the premier organizational platform in bringing together the multitude of skill and passion that exists across the variety of public and private sectors, and together with our regional stakeholders, co-create the elegant solutions and experiences for the individual and the collective transportation needs of our cities and regions. 
Our passion leads us to provide more than the future of our transportation needs, we want to collectively provide the inspiration and show the way on how the private and public sectors can work together to create a beautiful and distributed economic future. 

Our Business Synopsis

This is currently a two trillion dollar business (the auto industry) that is unquestionably going to go through a tectonic shift. There is a tremendous economic and social gain to be had in providing cities and regions with the platforms, business models, expertise and vision in creating the future of auto transportation.  
  • The past cannot build the future (the Innovators Dilemma)
  • Technology is rapidly evolving to deliver personalized hardware/software products and experiences, at a "network scale" for affordable costs. 
  • The consumer is evolving rapidly to expect these services and products. 
  • The very nature of the individually owned auto as transportation is changing. 
  • The mass production and growth sales of the auto legacy model, is creating ever increasing congestion and infrastructure costs for cities and regions. 
  • The traditional auto industry's growth model, and the needs of cities/regions and their citizens are at odds.
  • Organizational and business models are rapidly evolving and emerging, that when combined with evolving technologies and consumer trends and needs, allows for a much different framework for the auto industry, and its relationship to needs of consumers and city-regions. 
  • These new models should be predicated on providing "auto transportation solutions and experiences" rather than gross sales of individual units.
  • The necessary ecosystem exists to provide the new model for personalized transportation solutions and experiences, but it needs to "Gravitate" around a new platform model
  • Cities and regions can be at the forefront of developing the platforms and "gravitational pull".
  • Glia is to provide the "operating system", expertise, leadership and vision for the platforms and ecosystems. 

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