Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Being  An Orchestrator of Value
The Art and Practice of the Glia Operating System

Creating Value With Networks of Practice--The Basics

I may be biased, but I think this is the most exciting position in the Glia OS! The Orchestrator of Value (OoV) can be practised and expressed  in so many ways, and anybody with a burning desire to find and create value can strive to be an OoV. It's an incredible role, as it brings together so many unique talents. More exciting yet, is what we as OoVs can create and grow together. 

Lets look at a few ways you can develop your role in the Glia eco-system. 

Regional Galaxies
This is very well suited to those who are 'super' connectors, or very well connected within their city and region. I love the opportunities available here, as one can connect to the multitude of industry and businesses, big or small, that exist within all city-regions. The potential here is enormous!

Business Clusters 
This is very well suited to those who are well connected within particular industries and businesses. There can be little doubt that all businesses and industries need to transition and transform to remain alive, functional, and growing. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Knowledge Clusters
These are the more specific clusters of knowledge that are critical to understand and enable execution across a staggering array of needs for meeting the necessary transformations of the global and local economic environments. These include cloud computing, mobile, big data, leadership (leading in a networked world), social media, the evolution of HR, the workforce of the future, the future of management, sales, marketing, social technologies, to name some of the knowledge crucial to the survival of business enterprises in the years and decades ahead. 
The role of a OoV in these fields clearly is an important part of any team. 

Capital Clusters
While we do have a range of understanding as to what "capital" is in the 21st century, networked organization, here we refer to financial capital. 
This is an important role, as it entails having a broad over-view of what is happening in the entire Glia Eco-System, a intimate knowledge and sense of what needs to be seeded and nourished, with a reputation and network within external capital resource pools, and an ability to connect the value of Glia to that capital. 

Those are four, and necessary examples of the more macro roles within Glia. Lets look at some of the skills necessary to shine in these roles. 

A Passion for Positive Change
This is the one trait that all OoV within Glia have to possess. A passion for transforming society, transforming business, and a passion for aligning these interests for a healthier, sustainable prosperous future for people and planet. 

Networks of Practice
To truly orchestrate value, the OoV will have had cultivated a resource rich network of practice. This is the network of knowledge, skills, leadership, know-how, can-doers, and collective spirit from an ever evolving range of clusters to focus on the understanding, solving, and value creation for any one particular client, suite of clients, and/or business clusters. It is within these Networks of Practice that we "Smart Swarm" our connective perspectives and knowledge, for the entire process of finding and building clients, opportunities, right on through to the spectacularly satisfied client. 

Leading in Networks
It is more than that Glia itself is a meta-network,  but rather that having and using NoP is going to keep evolving into the key way of getting things done in the highly transitional world of the 21st century. Authority, command and control, and other vestiges of industrial era of leadership will not be the way to lead in a networked world. In this world, you need to be able to  attract resources rather than commandeer them, you need to inspire all those you connect with to aspire to be their best, you have to excel at creating wealth and more importantly, distributing wealth. You must empower those in your network, rather than have power over.
You'll also be a natural connector. More that just knowing lots of people, or having a big network, it is the ability to connect ideas across multiple platforms and disciplines. (See more in this HBR post: http://blogs.hbr.org/2009/11/power-to-the-connectors/)
These and other leadership traits will not just ensure your continued ability to thrive in the Glia OS and Eco-System, they also ensure all within the entire Glia Networks thrives and grows. 
I honestly believe there is no greater opportunity than there is to lead as a OoV within the Glia system. 

Creative and Critical Thinking
This is an accumulation of many skills. The ability to truly listen, and see, in order to fully understand those whom we want to create solutions for, likewise those within your NoP and closer team who will design and deliver. Real innovation happens in the space between society needs, business needs, client needs, and a NoP's desire. 
Letting go of ego, also is important to really seeing and rallying your own thoughts, and those you interact with. 
We will look at the value and necessity of having a "smart room" within the Glia system in another post, for now it is suffice to say you always want to surround yourself with the 'smartest' people you can. 

Buy In and Contributing to the Glia Philosophy. 

The basis of philosophy as the great philosopher of our time, Danniel C. Dennett says, is to "stand under", meaning to always fully strive to understand. A continual process of learning and unlearning. Rooting out biases and blindspots. 

Hopefully this is enough to fill you with a better understanding of what it takes for you to be a OoV with Glia, and an increase sense of the amazing opportunity that this can be for you, and for you to have a real impact on the quality of our future!

For some of deeper underlying foundations of this role:

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