Monday, March 24, 2014

Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Glia* *(But Were Afraid To Ask)

Almost Everything You Wanted To Know*
(*But Were Afraid To Ask)
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 This won't be a definitive guide, but it will (hopefully) give all of us a much better understanding than we previously had.
This is a Beta Version, and not ready for mass downloading.

Glia The Socio-Economic Revolution
This basic need for radical change has been my driving force since the 1980's. When I first came to the interwebs, that was and is my sole and soul purpose for being there (or is that here?)
Our model and system places foundational philosophical emphasis on value creation as a means to creating wealth, and on wealth distribution. A critical difference is the distribution is done through investing in people, and giving people every opportunity to succeed.
In our language, "wealth" is a mosaic of knowledge and know how, do how, emotional intelligence, service leadership, empowerment and engagement, empathy, caring and giving, critical and creative thinking, learning, networking and financial.

Glia:The Social Business Network
One of the purposes here is to have this massively scaled culture that finally does away with the false dichotomy of the needs of society, and the needs of business. This is, and should be a symbiotic relationship. That so called "capitalism" and capitalists have used the slavish and selfish pursuit of profits over people and planet does not mean in order to create wealth, we have to place one over the other. Somehow 250 years of market enterprises have missed the lessons of Adam Smith's "Moral Sentiments".
While the point isn't a "numbers" game, I think we can have 500 million plus "unique" Glia-ites on our platform in five years, give or take. Why? Because there are at least that many of us out there, and we need our own network, our own home, our own unique way to connect. This number is a mix of business and society (to over simplify it)
This is critical to understand. All of our people will have an ownership in our network. There are a lot of reasons for this (not the least of which is just one way we distribute wealth) but the most important, most crucial, most critical is:
We Want To Own Our Own Data

Glia the Organizational Operating System
The simplest way to explain this, is that most organizations run some form of institutionalized form of organizing principles based on 200 year old models. Mechanization was a core philosophy, with command and control taken from the military. Worse, it still assumes economics that are equally outdated. It's been tweaked to somehow limp (well, rent seeking and other strong arm corruption and protectionism practices mostly) into this century, but it is at best a decrepit system.
Glia is base on living systems (nature, life), and the ever growing body of knowledge and know how that have sprung up around that guiding principle. What stops this vastly superior way of organizing is the power vested in the old systems, which is why many will die on the vine, unable to adapt.
Glia is for the 10% of businesses that are courageous enough to make the switch, and who want to be the true leaders of products and services for a sustainable prosperous society. Being harmonious with planet and nature is literally a natural extension of this 21st century business.

The Glia OS is an exotic blend of philosophy, culture, economics, knowledge, expertise, know how and evolving technologies, along with social platforms, apps, data and data visualization, intermixed with business and community. It's difficult to explain, but not impossible. I am not only getting better at it, but with some additional resources will be able to make fun material to make it pretty simple to understand and employ.
Sooner rather than later I hope to have the Social Network Visualization to be able to "see" what the network 'looks' like, and so everyone can also see the creation and flow of wealth.
It will be designed to encourage transparency, inform us how we need to "invest our wealth" to keep the system healthy (this is the ultimate manifestation of "*What is is, is up to us*", and to greatly discourage the hoarding of wealth.
This data visualization tool, which will in time be available to view on any device, with macro and micro zoom features (think Google Earth), will be the coolest, best aspect of this whole system.
If the system gets gamed, it will be no ones fault except for the collective actions of 500,000,000 (plus) people and businesses. I am betting our future that we won't mess it up.

Applying and Growing Glia

Getting started was always the tricky part, and I finally have the whole thing tweaked enough, along with enough key folks who understand the system well enough, and with enough reputation, to seed and grow it in cities first where we can most immediately begin the co-creation of value.
While it is beyond the scope of this post to explain how we do that, Glia is a system to find the right talent, skills and execution to apply to the context of any business's needs, for now, and more importantly, to guide growth through an enormously tumultuous time. In short, to lead and create the future, not follow it.  It is a towering challenge with exponentially growing rewards.
As we will come to be known for: We Are The Curve. I take that seriously, and so should you.

Our Economic Model
Revenues and remuneration
Um, yes. Some day soon I really really want to have the visuals for this, but we're short of that as yet. We're getting pretty good at explaining it, but it takes about a hour or so.
Why? Because it is a very complex system, with economics, distribution, and technology involved, and the philosophy of value creation. It is designed to be fair and transparent, reward creation and effort, creativity and innovation, and many many etceteras, while at the same time making it exceedingly difficult to game and hack.
Plus, it can only be grown organically, via high value social networks, value creation,  and relationships.

Smart Swarm Management and Consulting
The, um, wetware for applying the Glia OS with businesses, people, organizations and society.
More here:

Vancouver, Canada--Our First Pilot City
We'll start here, work some of the start up bugs out, raise operating capital, bring on our stakeholder investors (this will be the best investment you will make. Period), and begin asap to co-create value with clients.
Early on, for a variety of home grown reasons, we will be targeting these sectors:
--Home Construction (it's my field, and man is it rype for radical disruption and innovation!!)
--Restaurants (as someone who has spent tens of thousands of $$$ eating out, I know we can make a big impact here)
--Retail (this has to evolve)
--Entrepreneurialism (for those that truly understand the whole Glia package, this is a no brainer)
--Software, Gaming, Data Visualization, App development (this is rype for co-evolution)
--Advertising, marketing, social media (this will rapidly and spectacularly evolve due to our system, model, and collective purpose)
--small business
--Big Business

Depending on how quickly we can attract top talent and smart co-investment capital, my goal is to then seed 5-12 cities in North America, Australia and Europe in 12 months time.
By year 2020, we want to be "downloaded" by 100 cities worldwide, and by thousands of businesses, creating a dynamic evolving ecosystem of citizens, netizens, conscientious consumers and businesses that provide for the kinds of products and services, and the kinds of PEOPLE that can deliver what will beMass Customization that as holistic self guided system, will be the kind of sustainable socio-economic system the world needs.

This Is Where We Are Going, and I only want to co-create with the dynamic, driven kind of people who want to dedicate themselves to getting us all there.
For the right leaders, right people, the right teams, and the right SmartSwarms of knowledge, know how and do how, this will be the most exhilarating, rewarding, challenging and exciting period of your life.

This all starts: Today

+John Foster , +CJ Dulberger , +Andrew Carpenter , +John Kellden , +Jeff Jockisch , +Jeffrey J Davis , +Jeneva Ray +John Hagel , +John Blossom , +Ray Hiltz

For the growing Glia Core, our purpose is straight forward--use the Glia OS to co-create the future our world needs.
If we don't do it, somebody else will, and they will probably fuck it up. Personally, I like our odds better.

My focus is going to keep seeding the idea in G+ to attract talent and grow interest, more importantly find the right core of people in Vancouver who will be instrumental in taking the social business system to its outmost potential. I refuse to settle for anything less.