Friday, August 8, 2014

The Glia Revolution

Do You Have What it Take To Seed and Lead a Revolution? 

Today marks a new beginning. For Glia. For SmartSwarm Management and Consulting. For you, for me, for society, business and our relationship with our planet.

For too long business, society, our workforce, our creative class, our quest for profits and return on investment, and our planet have been at odds.
For too long our old means and methods of organizing have benefited too few, squandered the passion and abilities of too many, concentrated power too tightly, and is holding back the huge potential we've yet to realize as people and society.

No more!

Glia is a social business network for an eco-system platform that brings together the businesses, the leaders in a new wave of management and leadership systems, the entrepreneurs and creative class, the next generation workforce, the change agents of the investment class, high value consumers, and the citizens of this world that want to drive change, and build the future that is bright for all of us.
A network whose purpose is to ensure the well being of all its members.
A network whose purpose is to reimagine, reinvent, rebuild and revolutionize our way of life.
A network that inspires us to constant improvement, to helping others, to grow, to achieve, to give back. To seed, grow, nurture a sustainable ecosystem.
A network dedicated to value co-creation.
A social business network owned and operated by it's members, for its members.

Make no mistake, this is going to take an enormous effort and commitment from a dedicated group of pioneers that will make up this revolutionary organizing system and culture.
To get there we're going to need to harness and orchestrate a wide range of technology, engenuity, spirit, knowledge and collaboration. And to let go of outdated principles and practices.
We'll need the concerted efforts of builders and renovators, change agents and creatives, know how and do how, and the thousands that can do all the little things that form that foundation upon which all this grows.

For the people with the talent, ability, drive and desire that want to be part of seeding and growing this system, it is the opportunity of a life time. And you are the people I need to find as soon as possible.